Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jennifer Hudson for Vogue March 2007

I cannot believe it - Jennifer Hudson has landed the cover of March Vogue. This is an incredible feat; I am still in a sort of shock. We all know that Vogue does not allow, how shall I say, "small timers" on their cover. Not that I think Ms. Hudson will stay a “ small timer” for long, heck she is already a legend. Yet, I am still surprised.

Nobody makes the cover. I cannot believe that Jennifer Hudson is on the cover, and not just any cover but the March issue - the most important (besides September) issue of the year. I don't even think Beyoncé has made the cover. Has she? It took Jennifer Lopez, two years to make the cover. I think we all remember that story.

Ok, one last time, I can't believe JH is on the cover of Vogue.

Well, all I could say is congrats Jen, you so deserve it. You were a great American Idol, you were a fantastic Dreamgirl, both as a songstress and actress, and you looked divine accepting your first Golden Globe (not to mention totally composed and so well spoken in your acceptance speech). You are well beyond on your way. You are so very talented and it’s great to see good talent get recognized. It is actually inspiration for all of us who dream big. I believe that all us dreamgirls can become anything we want to become.

Thanks JH for showing us there is hope and that if you have something good to offer it will be received.

AndrĂ© Leon Talley said, in his style.com interview, that Jennifer Hudson has made Vogue history. Never have they put a 25-year-old African American girl on their cover that was not a model or an actress. Halle Berry made the cover and that was only after her Oscar win. (View ALT’s full interview on style.com)

I think this Vogue cover is an accurate indicator of how big a legend Ms. Hudson is in the making. ALT compared her to Barbra Streisand's debut in the 1969 movie Funny Girl. Yes, we must keep our eyes wide open as we are literally watching this rising star make history and develop into a true icon.

Photo: style.com

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e said...

you know, and it's a beautiful cover too -- such vibrancy and beauty. i can't wait to get it!