Thursday, February 08, 2007

NY FW vs. Back to Work & Michael Kors

I had to cut my fashion week short, as my new job had to take some kind of priority (right?). Walking into the showroom today (at work) I laid my eyes upon a stunning display of Michael Kors shoes and so it made me think to Mr. Kors and his fall 2007 collection. I loved his spring presentation. There were amazing mix-and-match casual pieces in neutrals and black that I could just see myself living in for the entire season but let us fast forward to fall.

Michael Kors, it seems, does not miss a beat. Season after season he, somehow, is able to keep that signature MK look, all the while changing it up and being right on trend. For fall, grays are key but we are talking graceful grays. Perhaps it’s the lush cashmeres that make the grey outfits not so grey but rather, great. He threw into the mix bold yellows and blues, which added a whole new element to the characteristic Kors we all know. Mixed in with his ever so classic, jet set, uptown chic, career friendly separates were these great unexpected colors.

I think that the fall collection will be a phenomenal seller. And just when you thought Michael Kors was going in that "too" commercial direction, he throws us a curve ball, or rather a color or two and it just changes our whole discernment, or at least it did mine.

Love the mix of gray and camel.
So sharp.
A great coat.
Sexy, yet still classy. A Victoria Beckham look.
Love the silhouette.
I love it but minus the fur.

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