Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paris FW: Viktor & Rolf

Controversial? Yes. Daring? Yes. Correct? Indeterminable. Safe? Indeterminable. The fall 2007 Viktor & Rolf show took creativity to a whole new level. They sent their models down the runway with, according to style.com, "...heavy steel rigs, further weighed down with tungsten lights and speakers, some of them built up high above their heads," and went on to say, "Then, unable to bend or use their arms to balance, they were asked to walk the runway wearing giant, clunky high-heeled Dutch wooden clogs." Are we talking about a fashion show here?

It is hard to really see the full effect from just the images but the audience was, apparently, completely shaken up for they feared tumbling bodies and broken bones. Will V&R be the talk of the week? Of course they will but it seems no one is really talking about the clothes. I guess any chatter is good chatter but I would like to take a moment to chat about the clothes.

The clothes apart from the apparatuses were phenomenal in a true V&R way. Tailored, fitted, conservative and edgy. I love the belted trench. They always do great trenches (should have snapped up that H&M one while I had the chance). It was a very serious collection full of mix-and-match patterns, cropped pants, skirts and dresses. The Dutch folk influence definitely was apparent.

I wonder if this show is going to stir any new policies and procedures in terms of models and their limitations. I am assuming the focus of the fashion councils will not be so much about their weight but instead their safety on the job.

Photos: style.com

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