Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paris FW: Balenciaga

I do not think I could ever dislike a Balenciaga collection. Season after season, Nicolas Ghesquière always pulls it off. I think it is the show I look most forward to seeing. This season he mixed it up and threw it all together, and, of course, the outcome looked great. It wasn't a signature Ghesquière collection as I was not able to trace many Balenciaga trademarks, rather it was a whole new vision, a whole new look and it worked. I loved the scarves haphazardly thrown about, they added that finishing touch. The mixture of colors, purple with olive and royal blue with khaki was upbeat and fun. The feeling was preppy meets boho meets street with spats of ethnic flavoring thrown in to rev it up. And if I keep going over the line, I find a masculine touch blending classy and sporty . I guess Mr. Ghesquière put it best, "It’s a big mix—a street mix, with symbols and colors that are very multicultural.” I loved it.


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