Thursday, March 01, 2007

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

Who is the stylish one of them all? During fashion week in Paris the truly, or should I say the haute stylistas come out. You will find them every where you look. You know that fashion week has arrived when every second person, girl or guy, is just so put together you can't help but want to take their picture. Luckily for us we do not have to pull out our lens for we have The Sartorialist to do it for us. Thank you Sart. Thank you.

Here are some of my favorite Paris shots.

So far this is my favorite street look. Minus the gloves and the hat/veil (I think they are a bit much) I love the whole hard rock/soft romantic melange. I would definitely wear this look but I would most likely add a bunch of necklaces (I am a sucker for the necklace layering look).

Check out the heels. Anyone who can pull off an army green parka and glam heels get a triple A+ in my book. I like the just-a-touch of plaid with the grey tunic.
The whole bracelet sleeve look is so big right now...I love the look it creates.
Bracelet sleeves again...I like the lighter color on the bottom darker color on the top styling.


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Anonymous said...

love your appreciation of curvy bodies if more young girls thought like this we wouldn;t have any anorexic tragedys in the world.accepting who you are because of your body type is nothing to be ashamed of we all cannot be a size 0 or a size 2,and your health is much more important than a number of a size,the fashion sizes definately need to redefine the norm for the majority of the women out there so we do not feel at size 8 or 10 we have to defend our size when wwe are normal,I don;t know how we will ever do that unless we put these size models on the runways,as amaterr of fact it would promote more sales because normal women would see that they could wear these fashions instead of thinking after a fashion show I could never wear that because it is shown on a skinny model instead of a regular size model the fashion industry should take note; JO