Friday, March 02, 2007

Paris FW: Yves Saint Laurent

Very unexpected. I was pretty surprised when I clicked to view the fall 2007 YSL collection. It is a very serious, restrained and androgynous collection doused with a strong classic futurism (if that makes any sense). There were many classic silhouettes that had a slight masculinity to them but at the same time a futuristic draw. The YSL show indicated that it is all about the loose, oversized silhouette, whether it be outwear, blazers or trousers, so much so that Pilati himself came out for his show bow in baggy slacks. The color palette was almost non-existent as the YSL successor chose to stay confined to black and grey and all shades in-between. Even with such a solemn collection there were still streaks of YSL signature. My favorites were the dresses, such as the strapless, mille feuille tired, ribbon tied number – a pure YSL statement.


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