Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

I just love these shoes I found on the Net-a-Porter shoe sale page. I find that shoes, like everything else you choose to put on your body, is so personal and says so much about the person and their personality. I would wear all of these shoes. When I would wear them would completely depend on my mood and what is happening in my life at that time. I guess, like with clothes, this is really, what I think at least, what determines what we wear and how we dress...and ultimately, how we portray ourselves to the world around us.

Mood: Energetic, crazy (Christian Louboutin)

Mood: happy, sexy (Christian Louboutin)

Mood: casual, calm (Pedro Garcia)
Mood: serious, determined (Anya Hindmarch)
Mood: fun, vibrant (Bottega Veneta)

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Anonymous said...

as being a shoe adict myself I could;nt agree with you more,just buying the latest stlyes seems to update your wardrobe like nothing else and they make you feel so different with every different look.flats make you feel comfy and casual,stilletos make you feel sexy and daring,wedges make you feel tall and safe(safer than being tall in stilletos)and flipflops make you carefree and happy and running shoes make you feel like getting in shape,so all this adds up to alot of feelings just from a different pair of shoes!!!! jo