Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tom Ford Central

We all knew he'd be back, and not in the beauty/cosmetics /eyewear way, we all knew he was going to come back big and this is just what Tom Ford did today with the unveiling of his new three-story, 8,680-square-foot Madison Avenue boutique. The Tom Ford boutique is a luxury mecca for men whom appreciate great craftsmanship, superior quality, bespoke service and a truly ethereal shopping experience.

The store caters to the true made-to-measure man, as the boutique is equipped with private bespoke ateliers incorporating two tailors and five seamstresses (ready-to-wear suits start at $3,000 and bespoke suits start at $5,000). Other boutique specialities include an octagonal marble and mercury mirror perfumery room, where one can purchase a fragrance or order a custom blend; a reception area, butlers and maids, and rooms for shirting, shoes, luggage, socks and outerwear.

With this new venture Ford is looking to create the next generation of luxury services and products by throwing personalization, romance and old world glamour into the mix. I think that he will soon roll out a full woman's collection, a home collection, baby, kid's and so on....this is only the beginning. I truly believe that Tom Ford is the next Ralph Lauren or Giorgio Armani.

It is an industry rarity to reach or attempt to reach megawatt luxury brand status. Just as it is an almost impossible feat to become the next Frank Sinatra. However, I believe that every couple of decades someone or something special emerges to carry on the torch. Someone or something that truly becomes the next great, the next icon, the next legend. Tom Ford is, without any doubt, the next great, mega luxury brand - the next great fashion legend.


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