Monday, April 30, 2007

Green Fashion

Save for a handful of brands (Roots, Cotton Ginny & Simple) the fashion presented at The Green Living Show was far, very far, from being stylish, to say the least. The brands and products presented were perhaps great for environmental activists (more commonly referred to as tree hugging hippies), and even that is a far stretch. The fashion was dated, not fashion-forward, not directional, some wasn't even functional and definitely not appealing to the eco-conscious fashion crowd.

I love fashion and would never want to give up my stilettos, cropped jackets and tunic tops but I also care about the environment and if I know I could buy eco-friendly clothing made out of organic, natural or recycled materials then I would definitely start converting over to friendlier fashion. However, it seems that if you want to wear this eco clothing you are restrained and limited to certain style, or what I consider non-style.

What we need are more directional designers going green...a ton more. We need more Stella McCartneys within the industry. More fashion designers with a conscious. I know that it's a far stretch to think that soon all designer will go green, as fashion is all about abundance and excessiveness but if we could get a balance, or even a small percentage of leading designers converted, it would be great start.

I was quite disappointed at the fashion offered at the show and hope that over the next couple of years/shows there will be an increase in innovative high style eco-conscious fashion labels. It is great that most of the clothing/style does suit the activists it is not enough to just attract or target such a niche market, we need to widen our scope and target everyone.

I would love to go to a show like The Green Living Show and find my favorite brands go green. I would love to see 7 For All Mankind, for example, do an organic cotton jean. I would love to one day watch an Oscar de la Renta show or a DVF show and know that the clothing is made with an environmental conscious.

If the problems persistent with Global Warming are to ever disperse, every nation, every country, every company and every citizen needs to start doing their part, even if it is as little as using less paper and recycling. All these small things aggregated is enough to make a difference. A big difference.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Even all you fashionistas!


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