Sunday, April 29, 2007

Green McAdams

Rachel McAdams was spotted strolling the The Green Living Show with her mother and sister in tow. Unfortunately Miss McAdams' fishing hat did not prevent her from being recognized as there was a rush of people approaching her trying to push their products (I being one of them). I cannot iterate enough how very nice she was. She is so modest, down-to-earth and so sociable...she did not once pull herself away and think she was too high for anyone who approached her. McAdams took her time and listened to what everyone had to say and was even bashful about accepting gifts. Perhaps being back home (she was born and raised in London, Ontario) made her feel at ease and in her element because she sure acted more like a humble Canadian girl than a hot shot Hollywood celebrity. I spoke with her for a brief three minutes but could tell that she is a genuinely nice person is so great that she is conscious about our environment. No matter which way we slice and dice it, having a celebrity support a cause, one as big as Global Warming, garners grand scale attention, and possibly, action.

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