Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kitson Pies, Prada Turbans and Vintage-less in LA

Kitson Pies
My first stop on my supposed shopping jaunt throughout Los Angeles was Kitson (of course, where else would it be). Unbeknownst to me, they were serving pies! In support of the movie, Waitress (in theatres now), Kitson dedicated an entire weekend window display promoting the film while feeding their most loyal patrons. The window display featured live model waitresses, all dolled up in the uniforms (used in the movie), overflowing into the store and out onto the sidewalk. I thought this was an excellent marketing tactic, amongst other factors, it created buzz, bringing in customers, media, and even celebrities (Posh Spice made an afternoon appearance, I guess before she made her way down to the Santa Monica Airport for the Chanel Cruise show). The window display was well done - professional, fun and unique. I didn't really see any promo items tied into the display/movie, I may have missed it but there should have been some kind of quirky items available for purchase.

Prada Turbans
My mission (dropped the sunglasses mission(see previous post)) was to purchase a Prada turban. I recently just decided that I am rather fond of these satin head pieces from the spring/summer collection. The Rodeo Drive store was heavily promoting the headband version as they outfitted every one of their entrance mannequins with them. On the hunt for these turbans, I searched the entire store three times before I had to ask for help (I don't really like asking the sales people for anything unless I really need to). The very nice sales associate led me to a supply closet where he pulled out a shiny yellow one (unwrapped) and indicated they were all sold out. I was quite unhappy but I guess their stock out saved me $620. Yes, $620 for a piece I would barely wear. I guess I had a temporary obsession (which I have now completely got over...I have moved on). Yet, the gigantic billboard advertisement on Sunset Blvd. featuring a purple turbaned model kept as a tempting purchase reminder.

As I thought this trip would have been a shopping extravaganza it turned out to be a laid-back affair. I didn't get to any of the vintage shops that I planned on visiting, yet I did take a day trip to Laguna Beach and Malibu, which were both quite nice typical Californian beach days.

Surprisingly, I didn't make many purchases, yet these Armani Exchange bangles have become my favorite purchase as I have worn them everyday since I bought them in the Sunset Blvd. boutique. Also available online at armaniexchange.com.

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Mrs Fashion said...

Food, pies no less, in a clothes shop! Who'd have thunk it?
Mrs F x