Thursday, May 31, 2007

NYC Working Girl Chic

The true essence of a successful New York City fashion girl is well represented in this image. The Sartorialist took this striking picture outside the Louis Vuitton boutique on 57th Street. Apparently this young woman works for Louis Vuitton and was on her way to the store to make last minute checks for a party that was being held that evening. When I think of New York fashion publicists working on 5th, Madison or 57th Street, this is the image that pops up in my mind. Not only do they have to work hard (like the rest of us) but they have to always appear proper, put together and utterly chic - (even on a 3 hour night sleep/deadline driven day) - now that is a job within itself!



Mrs Fashion said...

She's sharp, chic and very polished - fab post.
Mrs F x

pinup_girl said...

The dream look! Well, mine at least!