Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The World's Next Supermodel

Combing through the Cannes Film Festival pictures on elle.com, I came across this stunning image of Doutzen Kroes. At first I thought she was Carolyn Murphy or even perhaps Laetitia Casta. The girl in the image completely captivated me and I thought to myself this has to be a supermodel of some sort but to my surprise it was Doutzen Kroes. Perhaps more famously known as one of the world's next top models declared by Vogue (May 2007) and highlighted on the cover.

I really enjoyed Jonathan Van Meter's article, "Hit Girls", where he spoke about this up-and-coming beauty named Doutzen. "It is pronounced Doubt-zin, not Doot-zen. Practice it a few times...what is important, however, is that you learn to say her name properly because in about ten minutes she will be everywhere...," he said. After viewing this striking image I could not agree more.

Doutzen, (and I am starting this first name basis thing already, because I am quite confident that we will soon come to know Doutzen just as we do Gisele), is 22, from Holland, and surprisingly was not discovered like the typical scouted model, she sent in pictures of herself to an agency.

Looking forward to seeing more of Doubt-zin. Watch out for her!

Photo: elle.com

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pinup_girl said...

She is gorgeous!