Friday, June 15, 2007

Fall in June

On my way back home from San Diego, the 7-hour or so flight (with connections) back to the East coast allowed me ample time to catch up on my monthlies. While the June issue of Vogue was a light, but interesting read I was very disappointed to see a fall cover on a summer issue. I am well aware that all these mags race to get out new, fresh looks inspired by the season to come but I would have loved to see a bikini. OK maybe not a bikini, this is Vogue after all, and they do nothing typical or expected but something fun and summery, something along the lines of a hot-weathered-want-to-escape-and-look-like-her cover would have been appreciated. And, the cover girl is Keira Knightley, this is so typical. I know I just said that they do nothing typical but as one of my previous posts indicated, they always reuse the same ol' Hollywood girls for the cover and quite frankly I am quite sick of it. The least they could have done was dress her up in summery brights. Yes, it may be conventional but sometimes conventional is OK.

Photo: Vogue June 2007

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bonnie lass said...

I completely agree about celebs on the covers of fashion magazines. You know magazines are scraping the bottom of the barrel when you browse the newsstand and fail to recognize anyone on the covers.

I also miss the simplified covers, with minimal teasers.