Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hedi Klum the New Jordache Girl

Beginning in September we will be seeing Hedi Klum in denim, and apparently nothing else, as she becomes the new face (or shall I say bode) for Jordache. Klum will officially replace Elizabeth Hurley as the new Jordache girl. I think Hurley has done a great job, she looks phenomenal in the ads, and I think Klum will look just as great.

Since they have launched these new style-conscious ads (first with Brittany Murphy, then Hurley), I haven't yet purchased a pair of Jordache but because of the ads, they are top of mind, or at least in my realm of thoughts when thinking of purchasing or purchasing a pair of jeans. If I walk into a store and see Jordache jeans I would probably give them a shot, whereas before these ads (sadly but truly) I would have walked right by them and never have even thought twice about them.

In the end you could say what you want about advertising, but it is effective. Perhaps you cannot completely measure the effects of advertising in dollars but you sure could measure its effects in terms of brand perception and recognition.

It is not just about advertising but about the right advertising. Taking a look at the Jordache site I discovered that they have been advertising pretty consistently over the past two decades, yet it is with the latest ads (the Hurley ones, in particular) that, I think, the brand has hit a home run.


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