Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jennifer Aniston for Smartwater

Starting in July, we will be seeing Ms. Aniston in ad campaigns for Glacéau Smartwater. I am a big fan of Smartwater. They were giving it out by the case loads at NY fashion week and ever since I've been hooked. The water tastes great, apparently it has electrolytes in it for hydration (did not know that little fact), I guess all the more reason to favor it. I also love the bottle design. I think it's quite chic and stylish.

It is great that they tapped Jennifer Aniston (I cannot believe that this is her first brand endorsement) for their ads, by doing so I think that the brand will resonate much quicker with the pop culture than if they were just to go with a product shot.

I have a feeling that the company's strategy for the brand is much like Gatorade's strategy but for a different industry. Gatorade is the official sports drink and I think that Smartwater will become the official fashion/style drink (and if not, they should).

The ad looks fresh and stands out from the color saturated market. Using black and white, with shots of color, makes for a new and interesting piece of eye candy.


e said...

i thought she did ads for l'oreal hair styling poducts when she was in friends?

Miss Stylologist said...

Now come to think of it you may be right. I will look into it. I think I remember that. All research I did pointed to first endorse.