Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Isabel Dupré's Elle Exit

After 14 years with the magazine, Isabel Dupré, Elle's Style Director, has left the magazine. Apparently the parting was amicable. It will be interesting to see who will replace her and how the magazine's fashion editorials will be directed. I have only really known the magazine under Dupré's direction and I am curious to see how the magazine will play out without her. It seems that, for the meantime at least, she has not jumped shipped for another glossy. She is busying her stylistic soul with fashion house and celebrity styling. I have to admit I was quite shocked to hear of her departure. I think departures, arrivals and moves by major players like Dupré signal a major shift in the industry. I feel like a grand industry change is among us. I think it is time for a turning of new leaf, perhaps a fashion revolution.

Photo: Elle February 2007

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