Sunday, June 24, 2007

Want It Now: Gianluca Soldi Pumps

I'm loving these sparkle infused evening pumps by Té Casan designer Gianluca Soldi. Soldi's shoes are described as passionate with an intoxicating elegance, and by looking at these chic satin shoes I couldn't agree more. Merging old-Hollywood elegance with modern shapes and new technology is Soldi's modus operandi and, I think, an infallible design approach. Today, everything old is new again, so why not incorporate that into your fashion philosophy, your wardrobe, or your personal style. The results may be surprising, but at the very least, you may find yourself sporting Soldi's elegant footwear.

At Té Casan, 382 West Broadway, 212-584-8000


Anonymous said...

Love them!

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh, adore the colour!
Mrs F x

bonnie lass said...

I love the straps, the sparkles. But I'd love to see them in a different color.