Monday, June 25, 2007

The Influential Italians

By looking at them (seen here front row at Missoni for the spring 2008 Men's shows in Milan) one might come to the assumption that they are a little off the charts, yet Beppe Modonese and Anna Piaggi are two of the most influential Italians in the industry. Modonese is the Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and credited as the mastermind for making Milan the fashion capital of the world. Piaggi, is a fashion writer for Italian Vogue and style icon, whom apparently owns 2865 dresses and has been described by Manolo Blahnik as 'The world's last great authority on frocks'.



Kim said...

How fabulous! If only I could find such a mate.

pinup_girl said...

Very nice blog!

bonnie lass said...

I love their look, especially when side-by-side. Which is funny you posted this when you did, as I just finished reading the latest H. Bazaar, which had a nice article on fashion eccentrics. Loved the article, loved the post.