Sunday, July 08, 2007

Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall 2007

One of my favorite couture shows was Armani Privé . Perhaps due to it being couture and completely wearable at the same time appeals to me, or the fact that Armani's underlying theme was inspired by rock, which always tempts to moves fashion over the edge with a sort of fascinating glamour. Although, Armani's rock theme did get a little muffled throughout the 60 looks, there were great stand-out details, like studded pumps, fedora hats, one-gloved looks, molded plunging necklines, stiff pod like skirts and tailored jackets. Yet, amongst all these greats were some not so greats that I personally think could have been edited down, like a peacock jacket, '80s brights mixed with '80s shapes and a slew of very madame looking suits. With that said, whether the collection is a hit or miss, it is great to see a legendary do couture...I hope to see Armani Privé for many seasons to come.

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