Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Posh & Beck Era

What is it with Victoria (a.k.a. Posh Spice) and David Beckham that make them so cool? If you really break it down - nothing at all. All they are, are two British individuals, who are married with three kids, who are coming to America. One is part of a defunct (now revived) pop group, the other is a struggling soccer player....really what is so super fantastic? Is it the way they look that make them so eye-enthusing? Is it because they are two good looking individuals? Or that they look similar (whole Freud theory, maybe)? All this hoopla created by good p.r., good marketing, and a good stylist, gets the media all frenzied, gets the paparazzi all crazed and the public curious. And the more people are curious, the more the media and paparazzi go crazy and the more good p.r. & marketing is needed to keep the momentum. So this whole making something out of nothing, or perhaps, this making someone out of no one is really just a huge, money-making, profit-generating business and is at the root of most all industries - music, fashion, film, television, of course are the biggest, but then you have real estate, technology, and the restaurant industries that thrive on the same concept. Welcome to the Posh & Beck Era.

Photo: W Magazine August 2007

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Fashion Critic said...

Mr Beckham is hardly a struggling football player (only with injury at the moment). He is one of the best footballer players in the world. Just not recognised in the US.