Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trend Alert: Multi-Colored Nails

Is Rihanna starting a new trend? Her freshly polished pink hands with both middle fingers painted black, sported at the recent Live Earth concert, is definitely a new look. Perhaps this is a gradual move away from the black nail, more notably the (OPI) Lincoln Park After Dark paint, seen just about everywhere of late. I am not too sure I am loving this new multi-colored look, however, what I am loving is that fab pinky shade.

In search for this color, I requested the help of fellow blogger, Blogdorf Goodman, for whom I think of as the nail polish aficionado. She is great at finding all the latest shades in make-up and thinks this may be OPI's Japanese Rose Garden.

With a little more research, on recommendation of BG, to (a fun little site) and's Try it On Studio (fyi: a great find), I came across Strawberry Margarita, OPI's newest summer shade, which I think may also be a possible match.

It may be a little hard to tell through the screen, thus I think this warrants me a polish shopping trip. Whether a trend or not, Ms. Rihanna's nails just put me on a hunt for that perfect summer shade. Alas, I could retire my LPAD bottle for something bright and fun.



CincyFan said...

I think the shade Rhianna is wearing is a bit too rose toned to be Strawberry Margarita. That's JMO.

Actually, there's an actress on Days Of Our Lives, Lauren Koslow, who plays Kate that has been wearing the multi-colored look for a few years now. It's something she does with her daughter and the producers allow it.

Also, the gals on the Makeup Alley nail board have been sporting what has been termed "skittles nails" for some time now. Especially with the introduction of the Zoya Candy collection. You can see a pic of my skittles mani here

All Lacquered Up - Wear The Rainbow

Anonymous said...

Wow Rihanna looks great.

Miss Stylologist said...

Cincy Fan: Yes I watch DOOL and it has been driving me crazy, Kate's nude nails with one nail painted black on each hand (i think)...thanks for finally clarifying that! I think it looks so odd though to have such a stark contrast.

Oh...I could never pull it off but love those skittle nails, they are so fun.

Sue said...

IMHO ~ LaPositivelyPink ~ OPI

GreenWorld said...

People have been doing their nails like that for years, as with the bob and the dominatrix all-leather look. Stop giving Rihanna credit for everything.