Friday, August 10, 2007

The Unnecessary Luxury

Jimmy Choo's latest it item is this $28,000 limited-edition crocodile Bari bag complete with its own fur blanket. Besides the fact that this is so unnecessary, (by now, I think we are all kind of used to the un-necessities the fashion world produces) why does a fashion house like Choo and all the other luxury accessory houses need to use animal skins?Why? Why do you need a mink blanket for your handbag and why do you need to put your cell phone, lipstick and wallet into a skinned crocodile?


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bonnie lass said...

But without the furs and skins, would the high-price still exist? If they were made of cotton or silk, would they seem just as exotic? Isn't that sort of the point of un-necessaries? Something exotic and sleek whose sole purpose is for you to show it off?

I don't mind the use of furs and skins all that much. Animals are a renewable resource. And it's not like we're all walking around in croc pants and mink trenches.