Monday, September 10, 2007

3.1 Phillip Lim

Whether it was due to an overzealous invitation mailing, an inaccurate capacity count, or simply a p.r. move, Phillip Lim left angry, frustrated, not to mention over-heated patrons, shut out behind the heavy steel doors of the Celeste Bartos Forum at the New York Public Library. It wasn't only avid fans but editors as well, whom although had perfectly valid invitations were denied access to the show. It's unfortunate but I guess these things happen, especially to a young, up-and-coming designer, who is quickly becoming an over night success. Upon viewing the collection on, I could clearly see a change, it seemed like a more grown-up collection, and I do not necessarily mean the clothes but rather the design philosophy. It looks like Lim is finding his ground and starting to take some risks. Instead of relying on girly feminine pieces, Lim choose to mix different silhouettes, textures and color combinations, producing a mature spring 2008 collection.

To view the collection, visit

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