Monday, September 10, 2007

Michael Kors

The spring 2008 Michael Kors collection was a quick lesson in typical MK style, and to lift the exact words right from the show notes - strident sexy American style with a sporty edge. Add to that luxurious glamour, and there you have the essence of Michael Kors - American, sporty, luxury and glamorous.

Whether it is spring 2006, fall 2007 or the current 2008 collection, Kors maintains that no nonsense, almost cookie cutter style, that we have come to depend on. While the collection was truly beautiful, what with those golden gams stuffed into mini tennis skirts worthy of any upper crust country club, lush fruity toned silk dresses and tailored white separates suitable for a modern day Bianca Jagger, I feel like I have seen it all before, and sadly, more than once.

There is no denying Kors' appeal, especially to the bevy of PAPs (Park Avenue Princesses) sitting front row and center but I was almost able to dictate what would come parading down the runway next – bold colored turtlenecks for men, tennis-inspired attire, tailored trenches (complete with the gold buttons), the head scarf, and the draped sherbet silk chiffon dresses.

Michael Kors is predictable, and while on the speaking of predictability, so is the advertising. How many times can we see the Kors women descend her private jet? Whether it is in the jet, on the stairs, in the car waiting, or in the helicopter, we get it, Kors is for that American jet set women but, is that all Kors is about?

Where is the extendability of the brand? You know that thing that makes a brand appeal to different spectrums of the market. I love the whole Kors philosophy, and yes it has been working, but isn't what makes a brand, such as Michael Kors, great is the ability to be diverse yet still maintain that signature aesthetic?

All I see with the Michael Kors brand is staticness. I see a brand taking the safe route instead of pushing some of those fashion boundaries and jumping out, out of that private jet and into a rain forest maybe. Let's take the Michael Kors brand out of America and make it work on foreign territory. I think it is all about baby steps and I strongly feel that Kors needs to start taking them.

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