Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fashion Rocks

With all the excitement and hoopla of fashion week I completely by-passed one of the biggest nights for fashion and music. Fashion Rocks, the annual concert honouring the special relationship between fashion and music and produced by Conde Nast, kicked off fashion week last Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall. Yes I know I am way late in posting this, but I felt that the red carpet deserved a mention, it is after all two of the best, most creative, industries converging. I think the music industry is one of the few industries that truly appreciates fashion. It is an industry that understands the power within a single item of clothing. Be it on stage, in videos, on album covers or in their daily lives, fashion is what helps define a singer's public persona and is vital to their careers. There is so much fun to be had when these two industries collide, where else could you get away with wearing gold lamé leggings but on a concert stage.


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