Sunday, September 16, 2007

Style Spotlight: The Long Gown

Long gowns were commonplace on the red carpet at Entertainment Weekly's 5th Annual Emmys Celebration in Beverly Hills. I think that all these women look quite elegant but nothing beats a long black satin gown. Heidi Klum looks outstanding in her second skin fitted gown with ever the slightest embellishment. I also thought Eva Longoria's gown was very classy and sophisticated. It's nice to see her in a long gown as opposed to her short frocks, however, I am not sure if she forgot to steam it or not but the wrinkles on her gown are almost unforgivable. There is no reason her gown should be that wrinkled at the onset of the evening. Unless she slept in it, even after sitting, standing, dancing, or doing whatever other exercise an evening entails, wrinkles of that nature are quite impossible to achieve. Did Eva Longoria take a power nap in her gown before walking the red carpet?


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