Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Great China Wall cum The Great Runway

The Great Wall of China played host to a fashion show put on by Fendi that incorporated eighty-eight models on the industry's longest runway yet. Sprawled on China's 4,000 mile long historic landmark, the show took place one hour from Beijing in the Juyongguan region. The show, which was in production for one year, and reportedly cost $10 million, presented a special edition collection (espcially designed for the occassion) amongst a bevy of looks from the spring 2008 collection.

I think that this show definitely takes the typical runway venue to a whole other level and will definitely be the new benchmark in which all other fashion houses will look to for inspiration.

But it is Kate Bosworth, (who looked stunning) that said it right..."I seriously doubt that there will be anything of this magnitude or anything this magical for a very long time."

Amazingly much of the fashion folk did make the trek to the Far East, including the runway circuit's mainstay socialite attendees. This is definitely one show I would have loved to have witnessed first-hand, you get the best of both world's and then some - high-fashion, travel, history and culture.

Photo: wireimage.com

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