Sunday, January 21, 2007

NET-A-PORTER's Spring 2007 A - Z List

I love Net-a-Porter's spring 2007 ABC's. This little feature briefly takes you through the spring season giving you a run down of what's hot and what's happening for spring. They even threw in a few of their personal favorites, like G - for Goji berries (the super power natural berry from Tibet that promotes overall well-being...I've personally tried them but was not able to get over the potent taste to benefit from all it has to offer.)

Some of Net-a-Porter's 'IT' list items that sparked my interest:

A: A-line
Apparently this is spring's key dress shape. Great news as I love a great A-line silhouette.

B: Bow Ties
Bow ties for girls are in. I'm not too sure about this one. Definitely a trend to watch.

H: Hybrid cars
I’m all for keeping our earth clean and slowing the effects of Global Warming.

I: Inverse Dressing
It seems that the back is the new front (more on this later).

L: Lucite Heels
Lucite is all the rage and was seen all over the spring runways. I guess it's time to dust my ol' pair off and manicure my toes.

L: Lantern Sleeves
This is spring’s newest sleeve detail. I’m quite excited my this new trend and can’t wait to sport it.

R: Retro Futurism
A huge trend for spring, yet not too sure how much I love it. Some of the designers did it so well that it is barely wearable.

View the complete list at Net-a-Porter.


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